RAAM PLAST is a modern company for production of PVC windows and doors, at the level of European companies. Production of PVC and aluminum carpentry is located in Kac on a total of 500 m2 of space.

    We are technically ready to respond to all the challenges of the market and the manufacturers. Following the trend, the RAAM PLAST produces PVC windows made of high end rigid PVC.

    PVC and aluminum windows and doors, as well as other PVC products are top quality with excellent thermal insulation and does not require additional investment in maintenance.

    Our mission is to provide best quality services and everything we do is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.


    RAAM PLAST offers a premium look with maximum functionality. In addition to good design, these doors are made to last for years, while being light and strong and very attractive with their appearance.

    Make sure your car the best conditions. This is best accomplished by installing our sectional doors.

    Safe protection from burglaries, maximum use of space and easy installation and use are the main reasons why optimal choice are sectional doors.
    Each garage, often neglected part of the house is required to be firmness, to be easy to use, to have a good thermal insulaton and that are attractive and useful.
    In addition to all this most important is that these garage doors are durable , and they required the minimum of maintenance, those are characteristic  what every garage doors needs to have.


    Aluminum fences provide a modern combination of good looks and safety for both commercial and residential buildings.

    The appearance that has all the aesthetic and qualitative characteristics of luxury, classifies these products in a class of materials such as stainless steel and inbox, but at the same time with much better price. Besides that aluminum fence are characterized by long life, ease maintenance and rust free qualities.

    Forget recovery, sanding and painting. Washing with water is the only thing you'll need. That is a guarantee that only aluminum fence can provide.
    Aluminum fences are leading to their quality and resistance compared to other materials such as wood and iron, because they do not oxidize like other metals. One of the main advantages of aluminum fences is that they have a long life.


    - Professional and competently advise you on the best and most favorable solutions.
    - You can visit our production area.
    - Our offer contains all the elements needed for assembly and installation.
    - We offer a wide range of products for the most demanding projects.
    - We abide by the agreed deadline.
    - We do clean and tidy work .
    - We care about your satisfaction with our products.




    Based on the analysis and measurement results it can be concluded that energy needs for heating, caused by losses through windows is 15% of total energy required in country.

    The fact is that the modern windows, dedicated to energy savings and noise protection, can not achieved energy saving without giving significant attention to closing the space between the wing and the frame, the frame and the wall, and that the key to the problem is found in transmission losses (using multi-chamber profile, installation of new thermal-insulation glass ) and better technology installation.


    Doors and windows can be occasionally  washed with semi/warm water with the addition of ordinary detergent.

    You need to avoid harsh abrasives, dry wiping cloth to remove dust and cleaners containing thinner or acetone.

    Once a year, the all moving parts of fittings you need to oil with oil that contains no resins or acids. If you have difficulty opening the window you have a need for this type of maintenance.

    Glass are maintained with ordinary glass detergents.